Return from Mississippi, continued

After a couple of days of painting and doing nothing but art related activities at Colony this time, I got ready to mix it up a little. This is usual for me. I go from large paintings on canvas, to smaller collages on paper… to hot wax encaustic painting. I try to keep my work looking like MY work but with a different medium and emphasis.

This time I was not looking to do away with the horizon line as I did when I was working on the “Meander” series of paintings………but what I got is still a version and continuation of that meandering. This time my take off point was to do some gestural, automatic drawing, both with drawing implements like charcoal, pencils and art crayons as well as a large well-loaded brush of dark paint. I prepped my canvas in the usual manner with lightweight modeling paste and chose a transparent yellow, Transparent yellow iron oxide. I didn’t have any black with me so I chose Payne’s gray for my dark paint. I just started with a 30 x 30 inch canvas on the first one. It’s hard to say what else I did as I was using some of the suggestions in a book I have and have not really used before………. Steven Aimone’s, Live & Learn: Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within.

This is the result of that first painting. I liked it.

Meander 12


So, on to do another. I only had two 48 x 24 inch canvases left. Since they would not go on my easel side by side, I used them as a diptych vertically…………same size overall anyway, 48 x 48 inches.

I used much the same automatic drawing and painting but with a larger surface and different marks and gestures.  This one might be my favorite…… least for now.

Meander 13

Meander 13


Two paintings finished

Finishing up a few paintings from COLONY.

I decided there was a lot of time between working on the diptych from the previous post and the five pieces from Colony. SO, I needed to finish up a couple of them and get them squared away.

These two needed very little…slight color variations to make for a more interesting variety was about it.

No titles yet…take that back..the 40 x 30″ painting is probably Little Pieces of Land 32 and the other one,30 x 30″ has something to do with Turquoise matrix but I’m not sure yet that will be the title.

It was very cloudy yesterday…these may need new pictures later when we have sun and I have time.