This list is looking very familiar…kinda like the one for 2007……..SO, of course, there will be some things I might not be planning for 2008 due to the success in some areas in 2007. Everyone will have different goals and mine are somewhat changeable, whether planned or not. This is a little too linear for me. I’m about the same way planning paintings and career moves. I want a loose plan but also will veer off line at times when chance merits the diversion.

FROM ALYSON’s list and comments:

Now it’s time to look forward. It’s the time when pressure stampedes at you from all directions to set goals. Set goals, make a plan, and clarify your vision. This works for some people, but is too linear or restrictive for others. This year, try planning your wins instead. Take that list I gave you last week (also available as a podcast on the Art Biz Blog) and turn it around to plan ahead for your 2008 wins. You don’t want to leave your success to chance.


1. How will you promote your art consistently?

I want to continue to work with the galleries I have now. I will be working with a museum for a 50th anniversary show in 2008 which will actually promote local area artists.

2. What new ideas or tools will you try?

This isn’t really new but when I make trips I usually come up with some new outlook for my paintings. It just develops without me thinking about it a lot.

3. What will you do to amplify your online presence?

I’ll continue blogging and keeping my website up. I do all the work there myself.

4. What technological skills do you need to learn or improve?

Keep on learning more with the programs I have.

5. How many people would you like to add to your mailing list?

I don’t add a lot since galleries don’t usually share their sales names and addresses. This is my main sales base. I will add people and galleries as I know them.

6. What cool or influential people in your community would you like to meet?

I go to art openings fairly regularly so hopefully there will be a continuing growth in the area of meeting new people. Psst…I already know the coolest, of course.

7. What printed marketing piece do you need to create or revamp?

None in the works for now.

8. What medium or skill will you attempt or master?

I will just continue to work with my acrylic and mixed media pieces…as well as the encaustic wax. Master??? I guess there aren’t enough years for that but you can keep trying.

9. What will you try that is completely new?
Humm… don’t know yet.

10. What have you been procrastinating because it’s uncomfortable, but you know it will be good for you?

Maybe this is the year to “donate” a class to the museum. It will help me get over my fear of teaching a workshop.

11. What art events, galleries, and museums will you plan to visit?

Whatever interesting shows come up and I’m nearby, I hope to attend. It’s possible I will be in DC this year and will really make a dent in some museums there if I do.

12. How will you improve your studio habits?

Set a time-table up and adhere to it…no excuses!

13. What books do you need to read to help your career? ( Hey! The pre-publication special offer for “I’d Rather Be in the Studio!” runs out at the end of the year. Take a look: http://artbizcoach.com/sale.html )

HEY………I ordered this one and look forward to a few tips to add to the listing for 2008

14. What seminars/workshops/lectures will you attend?

I’m keeping an eye on the listings with Dallas and Fort Worth museums to see what they have coming up for lectures on their exhibits. I, also, attend Mississippi Art Colony twice a year. This year I may have to miss one due to another trip…but maybe not.

15. What organizations will you join or become involved with?

I’m involved with more than I can do much for as it is.

16. What grants/honors/awards will you apply for or receive?

Getting the application completed is a win in itself. Nothing planned here. I play this by ear every year.

17. What articles would you like to see written about your work?

It would be nice if the newspaper would start having more ART articles in the paper again…I can wish anyway but we do have a new publisher coming in, so who knows?

18. What galleries, exhibits, or other venues will you submit your art to?

I’m just going to try to furnish the ones I have now with good work…that will take ALL my time.

19. Where can you save a wad of money?

You know….I didn’t answer this one correctly in the last post….I DID save a wad of money by purchasing my canvases right here in town. It costs a fortune to ship large pieces so I saved a ton………….my hat’s off to SUNBELT MFG….right here in Longview, TX. And I save by buying my shipping boxes made to order from a local manufacturer, too………….Century Corrugated. All of them are fine folks to work with. I also buy a lot of my acrylic paints from NovaColorPaints.com. Great people and product although I love Golden paints as well.

20. What is the single thing you can do in 2008 that will move your career ahead the fastest?

Staying in the studio a lot……….AND, just being reliable and responsible as I generally am about meeting my obligations.

21. And (my own addition)……….FUN, FUN FUN…………I’m going to Umbria/Tuscany Italy for a month. This will be SO great in that it feeds my art and my spirit.

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