It’s that time again…….twice a year I load up lots of art supplies and head to Mississippi Art colony. It’s so wonderful to be able to get away from everything…no cooking, cleaning, and interruptions. Just paint and see other artist friends.

Things have been so hectic here lately, sometimes I wonder if I can remember how to paint. You know how it is when you get that anxious feeling to paint when life is not supporting your studio time .Then you get there one day, and the muse seems to have gone missing. Well…….I may not make any masterpieces at colony but that is the only thing I have to do all day Wednesday-Saturday with Tuesday and Sunday spent loading, unloading and traveling. Even the traveling is not wasted time as I enjoy just listening to the radio and thinking on a drive by myself.

So, lots of stuff in the foyer and dining room waiting for more stuff to follow and then the loading will begin. My easel is already in the SUV. I usually take waay more than I need but who cares. If the muse comes to visit, I’ll need it all or at least the most important part, canvas, paint, and my own mind and imagination.

Went out and took this picture of a partial load of the above mentioned supplie…still got to find a place for my pillows and clothes somewhere….kinda wondering if I can fit in that diptych that’s not finished or just leave it here for later.

Good paintings or not, it will be a rewarding trip; it always is.

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