I finally got the pictures out of my camera last night of the work I brought home from colony. I haven’t had a spare moment to try to get through with my last canvas. Boo Hoo…with the ways things are going it will be here waiting for me when I return from Italy mid June.

This particular on is the one I mentioned being a little different from my usual paintings. In that I don’t have such a direct landscape reference. I tried my darndest to NOT have a horizon line but when I turned it around as I painted it just looked better this way and seems to still have a horizon of sorts. I have no idea where some of these come from. Our visiting artist who comes around while we’re painting to discuss our work with us, thought it suggested American Indian or western symbols. I suppose in some ways she might be right. You have to look close at images like this one on the internet to see the pencil markings and tracings running throughout some areas. AND, what could the big circle denote? I could go looking/searching but I know that many civilaztions used circles as symbols.

SO, with that said, the tentative (man, I hate being tentative) title for this 40 x 30″ acrylic on canvas is Symbol Tracings. Also, noted..maybe a tiny bit got cut off at the bottom of the image.

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