Carolyn and I traveled to Dallas Saturday to go to the opening reception of the “Some Like It Hot” show we have work in at the Bath House Cultural Center. It’s a great place to have a show on the banks of White Rock Lake in east Dallas.
The reception was packed with lots of people interested in the encaustic technique as well as a lot of people coming in to see the Women Printmakers showing in the adjacent gallery.
Looking forward to sharing encaustic painting techniques, some of our TX Wax Dallas members are preparing for demonstrations of their personal techniques during the DADA art walk on September 13.

Right now Flikr says “We have a problem, Houston” for my uploads of photos…so maybe later I can get some up from the reception or send them to some other member of our group to post.
Go by the Bath House if you get a chance before September 27th when the show closes….you won’t be disappointed. 521 E. Lawther Dr. Dallas, TX

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