Still working on gutting the kitchen and one bathroom with hall. We’ve piled up everything we can in a back bedroom that also has to have the oak flooring refinished. Also, much furniture is piled up in the front living room (entrance hall). I have no idea how long we will have to live with this.

The tractor and farm truck is in the front yard waiting to take off the old toilet and vanity plus all the extra wall board removed so far from the bathroom. Next is demolition of the old shower. Now we discovered one old wall was left when they moved a wall to make this bathroom. Ooops…might be a wall that has to stay so back to rethinking all this.

My husband already took away all the old cabinets/pantry in the kitchen. We save what we can that might be reused but it’s hard to store all this stuff.

Yesterday, we took a break for a time to go to my husband’s big high school reunion at a ranch nearby. Woo…what a fancy place and fabulous food. It was great to see all these old friends for him, and nice for me to meet a few new people plus renew acquaintance with some I knew from before.

Back to the kitchen gutting…….our fridge is now in the front entry so I come down and pick up food, take it up to the studio apartment and place in the small fridge there to cook. Looks like I have a whole kitchen up there but small amount of counter space to work on….but it will do until we get this all worked out however long it takes. We’re lucky to have somewhere to go while all this takes place. It will be a slow process due to doing a lot of work ourselves (really my husband with me standing by for support).

Maybe I can sneak in some real painting time………I hope so.

I have a big week next week running back over to Longview several times for appointments and taking work for an art walk Downtown Longview has started recently. Some of my work will hang at the Tyler Street Bistro and Gilbert’s Martini Bar. Come by if you are in town………..5-8 pm….Thursday, October 16. It should be fun. All the merchants in downtown will have art work to share.

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