Yaaaay……….I think I have this painting finished. At least I decided it was worth signing. I can’t take a picture as there is absolutely miserable dark, cold, rainy weather outside and my studio lighting is not good for actual color rendition.

The one I’m referring to is the earlier ‘start’ I posted………Umbrella Pine,Late Day, Umbria. This painting is 48 x 24″ and is acrylic on canvas.

This painting brings back the memories of all the times my friend, Carolyn, and I passed this lone pine in all our traipsing around Umbria and Tuscany this May. So many times we were coming through this area at a late time of day so this particular low key/value suits it, I think. Not that these are the true colors of Umbria…maybe I should call all these paintings, Texas meets Umbria …or Umbria through the eyes of a Texas artist. Whatever, I choose to use arbitrary colors most of the time in my paintings. This one has more representation than most.

Another painting I did with this pine is an encaustic I posted earlier. The picture was horrible and I also did a little more work on it. However, I don’t have that picture down here in the house and I’m not going back out and up to the studio in the rain to get that camera. It also turned up to have a problem with the heavy wax starting to cause the canvas to sag away from the panel. I didn’t glue it down and only stretched and stapled it. I am remedying that situation (I hope) by carefully removing the painting from the panel and now I have used PVA glue to glue the back of the canvas to the panel and weighted it down until tomorrow. I see no cracks yet but will fuse them out if needed. I got some recommendations on this problem from the forum at RFPaints.com . They are a great bunch there to help all of us with technical problems address those problems.

I’ll try to post the photos tomorrow if I can just get a good shot of the latest one.

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