If this set-up looks a little make-shift, that’s because it is. I know I will never get any encaustic paintings done if I have to keep setting up and taking down from my main work table in the painting room of the studio. I needed a special place, pretty or not, to work so I can pick up and put down as time allows.

SO, I took the old hollow core 80″ door off between the living-room/storage part of the studio and the canvas painting room part of the studio. It was in the way any way and was the only door with no panels so it would be flat. The hinges and doorknob are left on in case I ever want to put it back up. I set it on the small kitchen table and I covered it with heavy construction site paper. I moved the old porcelain topped cabinet my m-i-l used to have a toaster oven on over next to the table. I put as much encaustic paint and wax medium etc in all the drawers as I could get in and will have to try out the set up to see what needs changing on down the line. I had to bring in a heavy duty extension cord and multiple plug set up for all the plugs………this IS a problem with all the connections you have to make painting with wax. You note that I have my fan set up for exhausting out any fumes. I have a few shelves that I will put some implements on. I ordered one of those heat regulators and a brass brush and the flow control tool, etc. Now to get back used to working with just wax before trying them out.

Just to try things out a little, I pulled out the other 24 x 24″ home-made panel from long ago. It was covered with canvas. From my other problem with canvas coming loose when only stretched and stapled on the sides, I decided to take it off the board and put on some plain beeswax and then put it all back on and maybe then it would stay attached better to the board when all the wax paint starts to build up. It took some time to get it off….seems like this one must have been better attached than that other one that no wax had seeped through. By the time I got it off it was all folded into a weird shaped I set aside until I could get some wax layers down on the bare board. I forgot how time consuming this is……..and how much my neck and or back would start aching from leaning over. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TIPS TO PREVENT THIS ACHING NECK THING?……please let me know.

I think I finally have it fairly well straightened out now and ‘glued’ down with wax. I’ll smooth it out some next time and start thinking of what I want to do with this panel.

One thing is pretty much decided now after two home-made panels covered with canvas………….I don’t like doing this prep so I think I will go back to working on a plain panel or one with paper glued to the surface. Also……no money saved as then you have to frame these suckers as the sides don’t look great like the nice 2″ deep panels.

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