It was afternoon before I could get up to the studio to start working on more ‘wax painting’. Too much time spent trying to “tweet”. My DH took a nap while I was upstairs….kept wondering what that ‘tweet” sound was…TweetDeck, of course. He thinks I’ve lost my mind…maybe I have.

I have no idea what I did this afternoon, but I just kept adding wax medium, paints and paint sticks, then burnishing them with my little iron or heat gun. It took some time but I’ve got some layers going here. I need to raise my worktable. Deanna Wood sent me some photos of the blocks some people use …I’ve seen these at my art colony. I think it would work but then I have all those cords that are slightly shorter than you would like when it comes to extending your work area. I’ll mull it over. ..or maybe tilt some of the work up when it doesn’t matter if it’s flat.

More later…..

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