I finally got enough time to actually concentrate on my unfinished paintings in the studio. I started two 24 x 48 canvases before Thanksgiving. I THINK they are both finished now. You never know but I will post them both and if I change my mind….well you know what that means.

I started these both out on a ground of cadmium yellow medium. I don’t use a lot of this value of cad yellow that much………..Most of it is covered over but I like the way a little peeks out  now and then in these mostly monochromatic pale gray paintings. I also had a lot of fun making a lot of marks with pencil and charcoal in the early, middle and latter part of the process.

Not really having a title for sure yet…they are tentatively titled……..Meander 1 and 2. The bottom image is a close up of Meander 1 on top.

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