Return from Mississippi, continued

After a couple of days of painting and doing nothing but art related activities at Colony this time, I got ready to mix it up a little. This is usual for me. I go from large paintings on canvas, to smaller collages on paper… to hot wax encaustic painting. I try to keep my work looking like MY work but with a different medium and emphasis.

This time I was not looking to do away with the horizon line as I did when I was working on the “Meander” series of paintings………but what I got is still a version and continuation of that meandering. This time my take off point was to do some gestural, automatic drawing, both with drawing implements like charcoal, pencils and art crayons as well as a large well-loaded brush of dark paint. I prepped my canvas in the usual manner with lightweight modeling paste and chose a transparent yellow, Transparent yellow iron oxide. I didn’t have any black with me so I chose Payne’s gray for my dark paint. I just started with a 30 x 30 inch canvas on the first one. It’s hard to say what else I did as I was using some of the suggestions in a book I have and have not really used before………. Steven Aimone’s, Live & Learn: Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within.

This is the result of that first painting. I liked it.

Meander 12


So, on to do another. I only had two 48 x 24 inch canvases left. Since they would not go on my easel side by side, I used them as a diptych vertically…………same size overall anyway, 48 x 48 inches.

I used much the same automatic drawing and painting but with a larger surface and different marks and gestures.  This one might be my favorite…… least for now.

Meander 13

Meander 13



I finally got enough time to actually concentrate on my unfinished paintings in the studio. I started two 24 x 48 canvases before Thanksgiving. I THINK they are both finished now. You never know but I will post them both and if I change my mind….well you know what that means.

I started these both out on a ground of cadmium yellow medium. I don’t use a lot of this value of cad yellow that much………..Most of it is covered over but I like the way a little peeks out  now and then in these mostly monochromatic pale gray paintings. I also had a lot of fun making a lot of marks with pencil and charcoal in the early, middle and latter part of the process.

Not really having a title for sure yet…they are tentatively titled……..Meander 1 and 2. The bottom image is a close up of Meander 1 on top.