It’s been a busy, productive week for me in the studio. I agreed to teach a one on one class with another artist. SO, Monday we met at my studio and got into talking, painting and discussing what it is she wanted to learn more about. It was a lot of fun in many respects for me. I’m not trained as a teacher, so I hope I heard what she was wanting to learn more about and I hope that I helped her with it. I know that I learned just from the experience of thinking about and trying to articulate what I do in my own process.

In my trying to show her how I work…….and emphasizing that this is only one of a myriad of ways to work as an abstract artist, I got a good painting going for myself. Today I went back to work on it some more but I’ve decided it needs more time for me to think about it.

With that decided, I decided it was time to heat up the wax again and get to work on some more encaustic paintings. I started gathering up materials to think of using. It came to me to use some of my experiments with the hot box………..OR maybe just use paper incorporated into the work. Something slightly comical came to me to try so I’m going for it. If it turns out I’ll clue y’all in on it later. For now…only hints!

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