Semi – Good Day

I actually had internet upstairs with ALLTEL Wireless today…..I luxuriously left it going for 5-6 hours straight on my laptop. I sat around browsing blogs, reading old email I’ve missed, and ate my lunch. All the time I was looking at paintings begun and at the “disaster” from a few days ago. So about 4 pm I just lit into the disaster and now it might be just as much a disaster as before, but a much more colorful one than before.

Sorry – no picture as I didn’t have the light for it. It may be just another layer in a long line of layers anyway when I go up to the studio next time to see if it looks better or worse.

I ordered a dozen books for friends today. Nita Leland’s newest book on “Confident Color” is a wonderful book…plug, plug. My work is in it and on the cover. After the past couple of days of painting, I’m feeling like a fraud being in an art book. Maybe if I pretend enough, it will come true. I used to do that when I was a kid. Maybe I’m easily influenced but it worked for me……….sometimes still does.

All in all …a good day since I could just take my time and absorb and paint and think. AND, the sun was shining.

Confident Color

Last week I was looking through my art books with the thought of starting to pack them up for the move to the farm. It suddenly hit me again……….MY WORK IS ON THE COVER OF THIS WONDERFUL BOOK by Nita Leland,(The New Creative Artist, revised).

And, it’s happening again for the second time for her new book, Confident Color: An Artist’s Guide to Harmony, Contrast and Unity.

Without a formal art education, I haunted the library and bookstores for books on art technique. Nita Leland’s books were among my favorites. To think that my work is now in the place Edward Betts work was for the cover of first Creative Artist… awesome is an understatement. I never met Betts although I always loved his work and read many articles he wrote for magazines or where he was quoted in books. Many of the artists who have been featured in these books I’ve now met going to shows, working within organizations, etc. It’s still amazing to me when I stop to think about it.

So when I was contacted last week by Art To Art Palette about my thoughts on being featured in Nita’s newest book on color, the stars must have all be in alignment or something.

Karen Jacobs has a great comment on the book and being included in her blog a few days ago…thanks for the plug, Karen.

Most of all, thank you , Nita Leland, for writing some wonderful and inspirational books. I am so proud to be included with all the other fine artists in this latest publication. I’m waiting impatiently for it to be available in bookstores.